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Tripartite Developer Pte Ltd

The Jovell is jointly brought to you by 3 well known developers under the name of Tripartite Developers Pte Ltd or in short, Tripartite. They are TID Pte Ltd, City Developments Ltd and last but not least, Hong Leong Holdings Ltd.

Together, Tripartite has already successfully completed a number of major developments, namely, The Inflora, The Gale, Ferraria Park, Edelweiss Park, Dahlia Park, Ballota Park, Carissa Park, Hedges Park and Azalea Park as well as the upcoming Irwell Hill Residences by CDL.

Now with The Jovell as the next joint development, the future residents of The Jovell is set to enjoy the usual high quality commitment by Tripartite.

Developer Track Records

The above listed projects are some examples of the amazing track records completed by the The Jovell Developer. For each development completed, it can be clearly seen that the end result is of high quality and each will have premium features to call its own. These features are widely accepted by the market and residents as it uniquely created to portray the development for its premium iconic look.  With their combined strong success stories locally and globally in different development, both joint venture partners are fully confident to complete the projects with high quality and residents can look forward to luxurious and well designed abodes. 


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